Coleman Elementary School Contact Info & Schedule

2 years ago

347 Business 141 N
Coleman, WI  54112
Office (920) 897-2525
Fax (920) 897-4921

Pamela Berg, Principal 

Office Hours: 

7:30 AM - 4:00 PM 

Ellen Liptak, Elem/MS Administrative Assistant 
Donna Reed, Special Education Administrative Assistant 

School Hours:  

School Starts - 7:55 AM

School Dismisses - 3:16 PM

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Mrs. Brown receives $3000 grant!

Congratulations to 2nd grade teacher Judy Brown! She won a $3,000 grant from WEA for submission of her classroom project idea The Worms Ate My Homework.

In her grant, Judy wrote that this project will "reduce the amount of food waste in the cafeteria and reduce the amount of paper waste in the classroom through utilization of three classroom composting vermiculture (worm) habitats. Separating recyclables and reducing waste has become part of the culture in many classrooms. Students involved in the Worms Ate My Homework project will elevate helping the environment to a higher level, composting. Students will assemble/build vermiculture (worm) habitats for our classroom. The worms will be fed from students’ “worm friendly” lunch leftovers in the cafeteria and with paper generated in the classroom, both areas will benefit from the reduction of waste."

Music in our schools week

March is Music in our Schools Month nationwide. To celebrate we held music week. There were music themed dress up days, such as Lullaby Day, Composer Day, Dress like your favorite song day, Night at the Opera and Black and White Day. The week ended with an assembly which included music trivia games, contests, performances and prizes. Thank you to Mrs. Bader and Mr. Doersam for all of your planning and hard work.